Tuesday, 24 July 2012

One Small Island The Story of Macquarie Island by Alison Lester and Carol Tulloch

"For if we can save one small island, perhaps we can save them all."

Beautiful illustrations abound in this book about the history of Macquarie Island. They're complemented by photographs, maps and diagrams.

Unfortunately I found the text a little bland, which is a shame, because history wrapped up with an environmental message doesn't have to be mundane. Perhaps Lester could have used some rhyming couplets and onomatopoeia to good effect!

This is perfectly passable non-fiction for 8+ readers. It's worthy of the nomination for the Eve Pownell Award for Information Books.
However to convince this google generation to use books as a source of information, we will all have to rethink the format and recapture their interest in a way this book hasn't quite succeeded in doing.

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