Tuesday 30 October 2012

Shadows by Ilsa J Bick

Shadows is book 2 in the Ashes trilogy.

I enjoyed the first book immensely.
It raced along with lots of action, suspense and left us with a fabulous cliff-hanger ending.

I was looking forward to Shadows release date with great anticipation.

And... well... it's okay.

Sorry, that's the best I can do.

Shadows is so full of action and drama and bloody showdowns that character development and plot have gone out the window. I'm tempted to say that they were sacrificed in a gory zombie feeding fest half way through the first chapter!

The muliple viewpoints doesn't work very well either - it allows for lots of quick shifts in action, but it provides little opportunity to get to know anyone or feel like you care what happens. About half way through I thought,  "Oh for god's sake, release the zombies and just kill everyone off and be done with it!"

Having said all that, I can't help but think that this trilogy would make a great fright-night movie. You know - one of those movies with so much action and scary makeup that you don't realise how slight the story actually is until someone asks you at the end what it was about!

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