Monday, 17 December 2012

One Hundred Great Books in Haiku by David Bader

No time to read the classics?
Overwhelmed by all those pages?
Ye olde style language too much?

Then take a peek at Bader's haiku...100 classics converted into haiku.
A cheat-sheet with rhythm!

Pride and Prejudice

Single white lass seeks
landed gent for marriage, whist.
No parsons, thank you.

Bleak House
Fog, gloom, men in wigs -
the Chancery Court blights all.
See where law school leads?
Little Women
Snowdrops hang like tears.
Shy, sweet, saintly Beth has died.
One down, three to go.

Wuthering Heights
Wild. Strange. A bit damp.
Heathcliff waits for Cathy's ghost.
Women. Always late.
Lady Chatterley's Lover
On the grounds, fresh game.
On the new gamekeeper, fresh
Lady Chatterley.          
Jane Eyre
O woe! His mad wife -
in the attic! Had they but
lived together first.
Kama Sutra
Advice for those in
a diffcult position.
First, be flexible.

Walden Or Life in the Woods
Morning: Pond-gazing.
Afternoon: Berry-picking.
What a hectic day.

Have you got any classic haiku's of your own?

Here's my response to the Classic Club December Meme...
A Christmas Carol
What a sad Christmas!
A Scrooge shaken up by ghosts.
Past. Future. Present.


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