Friday, 1 March 2013

How To Find An Old PIcture Book????

I'm stuck.

I've been trying to track down an old picture book that I loved to read during my preschool teaching days.

I think it was Australian.

I think it was published during the 1980's or 1990's (We received a donated copy at work during the early was already out of print).

I think it had a picture of a white house surrounded by a big, old tree on the cover.

I think the house was a Queenslander style home.

The family (particularly the little child) had a lovely relationship with the tree. A cubby house/cave inside the huge trunk.

During a storm the tree blew down. There was some dilemma about where to take shelter. I remember this part being deeply moving.

The family were devastated by the trees destruction. Until they discovered a new shoot growing up from one of the seeds.

I've asked, I've googled, I've researched until my eyes hurt...but no luck.

The closest I've come to finding it is a new book called Tree A Little Story About Big Things by Danny Parker and illustrated by Matt Ottley.

The funny thing is I had thought the book I was trying to find might have been illustrated by Matt Ottley too! But I've searched his back list and can't find anything there either.

Maybe the story wasn't Australian...perhaps it was a story based in the South (US)?

The title might have had something to do with 'shelter'.

How do you track down a picture book when you can't remember the title or the author?

Does this book sound familiar to anyone?


But for now, here's a clip of Parker and Ottley's Tree to tempt you while you think... 


  1. It's so hard when all the usual avenues turn up nothing. I don't know this one either. I do hope you find it.

  2. Anonymous4/7/16

    Afraid I don't know it...


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