Saturday 11 May 2013

Classics Club Catch-up

Except for my new-found love affair with Their Eyes Were Watching God, I haven't been focused on classics at all the past couple of months.

But I see a few clever clubbers have combined the April and May memes in one post. Great idea!

It's a chilly, overcast autumnal evening here, I'm trying hard not to develop a head cold and a night thinking cosy thoughts about books is just what the doctor ordered!

April - “Who is hands-down the best literary hero, in your opinion? Likewise, who is the best heroine?”

May - "Tell us about the classic book(s) you’re reading this month. You can post about what you’re looking forward to reading in May, or post thoughts-in-progress on your current read(s)."

I suspect the easiest way for me to answer April's question is with a list and sub-categories as I cannot settle on a hands-down winner!

Best Literary Parent Hero/ine: Atticus Finch and Marmee March (I feel like a better person just imagining them as my parents - enough said.)

Best Literary Romantic Hero/ine: Mr Knightley (he loves Emma unreservedly. He guides her to reflect on her behaviour and allows her to make mistakes and learn from them. He is gentle, forgiving and honourable.)

Jane Eyre and Elinor Dashwood (they both have strong inner compasses, they make tough decisions for honourable reasons, they curb their strong emotions in public and they hold out for a true love they can respect and trust.)

Best Literary Children's Hero/ine: Huck Finn and Anne Shirley (for staying true to themselves at all times.)

Best Literary Action Hero/ine: Frodo Baggins (for continuing on against all hope, in the face of unbelievable danger and with little chance of success.) 

Lisbeth Salander (you may dispute her literary credentials, but it is impossible to deny her kick-ass attitude, her strength and determination.)

Best Literary Animal Hero/ine: Hazel from Watership Down (for shouldering the role of leader in times of trouble with intelligence, sensitivity and strength.)

Lassie (for loyalty and for always finding her way home!)

As for the May meme (insert a shoulder shrug here) "I don't know".

I don't plan my reading.

The only exceptions are holidays where I try to find a book or two set in the country or area that I'm visiting.

Usually my reading flows from the mood I'm in as I finish one book and move to the next.

If I've just finished something 'heavy', I might choose something 'lighter' next. Sometimes it's because of a review I've read or a suggestion from a friend.
Sometimes I get hooked on a genre or theme and read several things at once about France, the holocaust, New York, WW1 etc. Sometimes I feel compelled to read something specific for work (a new release or an award winning book so I can discuss it with customers).
Sometimes I need a comfort read and sometimes I want to be challenged.

If this cold develops, I suspect some comfort in the shape of Maisie Dobbs will be required to see me through.


  1. Parent heroes and romantic, and animal (I love Uggie from The Artist), good idea.

  2. I second your nominations. Love Atticus and Anne.

  3. SInce i enjoy reading everyone's answers to these monthly questions, I should probably start participating myself! Atticus Finch is wonderful and I have a soft spot for Elinor Dashwood, too.

    I try to plan no more than 1 or 2 books ahead - usually they would be book club titles or review books - but really love to read whatever strikes me at the moment.

  4. Yep...those are all good choices.

  5. Ha! Preparing to read Maisie Dobbs for my next bookclub meeting in mid-December! :)


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