Friday, 3 May 2013

Pamela Allen - Bertie and Mr McGee

Bertie is the latest offering from Pamela Allen.

Bertie is a 2-sided book; one side shows a happy Bertie. Flip the book over to see a grumpy Bertie.
Bertie's mood influences that of his family and dog in a simple story about the impact our emotions have on those around us.

The illustrations and family of Bertie will be familiar to those fans of 'A Lion in the Night' and 'Bertie and the Bear'. (As an aside, I wonder if 'Ordinary Albert' is the story of grown-up Bertie, or if Allen just has a thing for the name?)

Mr McGee was first published in 1989 and is a fine example of Allen's fun, rhyming style that has the won over the hearts and minds of so many Australian children.

This book demands to be read aloud. It delights young children from start to finish. I've had groups shriek out loud as Mr McGee floats away. Then clap their hands with joy when he lands on his head in his bed!

I mentioned in an earlier post about this year's CBCA shortlist how books can change and blossom in a way not predicted as soon as you read them out loud to a group of young children.

All of Pamela Allen's books fall into this category.

Perhaps it's her trademark cause and effect device that is so powerful.
Combined with her dance-like language, it's difficult not to add your own sound effects and actions, to create a storytelling experience that is highly personal and individual.
I guess that is why so many of her stories have been converted into stage productions and plays.

Mr McGee has been such a popular character, that he has spawned another 7 picture books.

Friday Flashback hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies is a new meme that encourages us to remember a book we read over 5 years ago that is still in print and that we haven't blogged about previously.

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  1. Anonymous6/5/13

    Brona, thanks for doing a Flashback post! I love the sound of these books. Must have missed them when my kids were in the right age range!


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