Tuesday, 5 November 2013

2-in-1 Classics Club Meme...because I can!

Life has been a little crazy recently and I've just realised that I missed answering the Classics Club October meme...

We want you to mingle. Go to our member list and select a fellow classics clubber you’d like to feature on your blog. This can be someone who is active within the Classics Club, someone quiet who inspires with his/her posts, someone new to the club or scarce whom you’d like the club to meet. S/he can be a friend of yours, or someone you’ve never met. Tell readers why you value this club member. Highlight at least one post from his/her blog.

...during the actual month of October!

So I went over to check out the November meme question...

A meme rewind: Pick a classic someone else in the club has read from our big review list. Link to their review and offer a quote from their post describing their reaction to the book. What about their post makes you excited to read that classic in particular?

...so that I could watch that one sail by too :-)

But then I had an ah-ha moment.

The review that has got me excited about reading a book I probably wouldn't normally go for and one of my favourite bloggers happen to be one and the same!

So without any further ado...I give you The Girl Booker.

The Girl Booker is a personal friend. She is someone I admire a lot.

I love hearing her views of the world. She makes me laugh and she makes me think.

Her particular views on books, music, TV etc are always fascinating and entertaining. Her voice rings loud and clear through every review.
I love her enthusiasm and honesty and authenticity.

I also cherish our semi-regular afternoon tea catch-ups :-)

GB's reviews regularly lead me towards new authors & new titles. Thanks to her reviews I will often pick up a previously dismissed (by me) author and find a new love.

In this case, the author is Australian Christos Tsiolkas and the book is Barracuda.  Here is GB's laugh out loud opener that had me hooked...

Here is my review of Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas: Wow. Fucking wow. Fucking AMAZING.

The End.

And here is the same review again, in a few more words:

And this is the link to the rest of The Girl Booker's review of Barracuda.

The Girl Booker has recently changed jobs.
She finds it difficult to blog as often as she used to.

She is a member of the Classics Club, but hasn't had a lot of time to get involved yet.

I'm hoping by highlighting her blog today that you take the time to visit an amazing Aussie blogger and that your interest will prompt GB to write more blogs :-)


  1. Bron, you are too much!!!! I am not really sure what else to say except thank you and you are lovely. x

    1. I guess it's a mutual lovefest then, dear Soph :-)

  2. I will definitely have to check out her blog!

    1. You will have also noticed my very loose interpretation of classic in this case Melissa!

      I suspect this book has the potential to be a modern day Aussie classic - but it's a bit hard to tell when it hasn't even been on the shelves for a month yet :-)


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