Monday, 27 January 2014

New Baby Books

A number of Australian author/illustrators have put out beautiful baby books in the past few months. I thought it was time to highlight my favourites.

Alison Lester uses lovely soft pastel water colours to illustrate her Kissed by the Moon book. The story within is a simple lilting text full of wishes for the new baby...

"May you, my baby,
sleep softly at night,
and when dawn lights the world,
may you wake up to birdsong."

I love the gentle rhythm, the attention to nature and the hopeful attitude that flows through the poem.

On the Day You Were Born by Margaret Wild & Ron Brooks is illustrated in a much brighter, more vibrant fashion. Earthy colours dominate as daddy takes his new baby exploring.
The world is seen through the new baby's eyes, or perhaps filtered through the new father's love.

This is a story of inclusion, sharing and togetherness.

"My daddy said,
on the day you were born...

...I put you back in your mother's arms,
and that night we were the world,
the three of us together."

To complete my roll call of Australian grand dames of children's literature we have Mem Fox & Emma Quay and Baby Bedtime.

This is a story suffused with baby love from start to finish. Quay also uses her gorgeous pencil/pastel drawings of a mother elephant with her baby to help the love flow from page to page.

Fox has created a gentle, easy rhyme to share with your baby.

"I could gaze at you all night.
I could whisper lots of stories till the darkness turns to light."

The first 2 books are probably more for the new parents, than the baby to start with, but the Mem Fox book (along with her other baby favourite, Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes) is perfect to share with baby from the beginning.

If you'd like to see my full list of books to share with your baby - click here.

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  1. Such a lovely post Brona. I bought a copy of Kissed by the Moon for a friends new baby just last week. It's beautiful, perfect. I meant to do a post about it, but didn't get to yet. I haven't seen the other two around. I particularly like the cover of On the Day you were Born.


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