Thursday, 10 April 2014

This Is The Life by Alex Shearer

Hmmmm. I'm not really sure what I'm going to say about this book.

I like the way Alex writes.

I loved the only other book of his I've read - his children's book - The Cloud Hunters.

So I approached This Is The Life with high hopes.

It's a touching story about two middle-aged brothers - one living in Australia; one in the UK. One has been diagnosed with a brain tumour, so the other comes out to help. They discuss treatments, their childhoods and their differing philosophies on how to live a good life.

There were some lovely moments and insights. And there were lots of truisms on the nature of life, death and sibling relationships. But ultimately, I came away feeling underwhelmed.

Which is a pity.
Because when you get to the end, Alex explains that the book is based loosely on the passing of his own brother. "I returned home after my brother's funeral and felt that somehow it was wrong - it was wrong that he should go, should disappear, should vanish without a trace. And so I began to write."

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