Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Boy, Lost: A Family Memoir by Kristina Olsson

I've been going through a phase of reading sad, bittersweet books these past few weeks...and I feel like I've been through the wringer!

Boy, Lost is no different.

Based on the true story of what happened to Olsson's family in the 1950's in Queensland, Australia, this memoir is retold with grace, understanding and a deep, overarching love and care for everyone concerned. She gently walks through the complexities of memory, loss and grief.

But this is so much more than a beautiful told family memoir. It is also so much more than one family's attempt to confront their past & lay their ghosts to rest.

Olsson takes the time to consider all the other 'lost' children in Australia during the 1950's. She discusses how it was that our society allowed these children to be taken, and so often mistreated, as well.

I'm feeling so awash with emotion from this book (and Tyler's and Hay's) that I know I have not done it justice with this review.

All I can do is give it a highly recommended, a big thumbs up and five stars!

Boy, Lost won the Queensland Literary Awards last year. It was shortlisted for the Stella Prize and the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards this year.

Breaking news: Boy, Lost shared the first prize for the NSW Premier's Literary Awards Douglas Stewart Prize for Non-Fiction 2014 with Michael Fullilove's Rendezvous with Destiny.

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  1. Anonymous17/9/14

    I have listened to two interviews with Kristina Olsson and the story is just heartbreaking. The interview on Conversations with Richard Fidler goes for about 50 minutes and is well worth listening to.
    I haven't yet read the book in case I find it too sad as I have a young son.


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