Friday, 4 July 2014

Imagine a City by Elise Hurst

Imagine A City is a wonderful old style picture book for the imagination.

A mother and her two children share this delightful flight of fancy as they "imagine a train to take you away."

Each page becomes more fantastical and magical as they leave the world of what is possible to explore a world of what could be "where buses are fish and the fish fly the sky."

The illustrations, by Australian Elise Hurst, are traditional pen & ink black line drawings.
They invite you in to explore the details...and to find the rabbit on each spread.

This is magic realism for children.

It is a joyful book to share, to wonder and to indulge in the endless 'what if's' of life.

Where "the world is your teacher" and the "past carries on."


  1. It looks absolutely lovely. I haven't found this one yet- definitely on my radar.

    1. It's a lovely cloth hardcover book Louise. The picture detail on the front could be larger I feel, as the book doesn't really stand out on the display shelves & demand the browsers attention.


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