Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Jane Austen Community

Thanks to one of our AiA reviewers, I started searching for a Jane Austen society in Australia...which has led me on to a much bigger world of Jane Austen love than I could ever have dreamed or hoped for!

I thought that some of you might also like to see just how much love there is for Jane Austen and just how far that love has traveled.

I give you the Jane Austen Society of Australia...founded in 1989. (I had hoped to attend their August meeting entitled 'Through a Scholar's Lens: R W Chapman and Jane Austen' but bad weather got the better of me.)

The Jane Austen Festival in Australia:

Jane Austen Festival Australia is an annual celebration in Canberra where Austen and Napoleonic fans from all over Australia come and indulge themselves in everything Regency – including dancing, music, food, games, archery, fencing, theatre, promenades, grand balls, talks, workshops, costumes and books. Since its inception in 2008 this little festival has blossomed into one of the most delightful four days anyone could experience each April.

They also have their own, regularly updated blog here.

Jane Austen Society of Melbourne has been meeting since 1993.

The Jane Austen Society of Adelaide started in 1996.

The UK are very organised with their JAS.

All the regional branches are clearly listed on their home page.

There is a Jane Austen Centre in Bath (which I have been fortunate enough to visit in 2007). They also have their own Jane Austen magazine.

Ireland have their own Jane Austen Society blog.

The Jane Austen Society of North America can be found here and Canada here.

If you have a google translate option you can read the JAS Netherlands site or Brazil's!

Goodreads has a Jane Austen group. You can also join the Republic of Pemberley!

If you prefer Jane Austen adaptations then My Jane Austen Book Club could be your cup of tea.

There are so many blogs devoted to all things Jane Austen it would be impossible to list them all. Here are a few to get you started though...


Austen Family Album

Jane Austen Addict

The Secret Dream World of a Jane Austen Fan

Jane Austen's World

Stitching With Jane Austen

Thank you to Jenna for hosting this year's Austen in August. It's wonderful to have a whole month every year devoted to all things Jane Austen.


  1. As you know I am a newcomer to the works of Jane Austen. It is striking just how popular and beloved an author that she is.

    Thanks for the links. I will be sure to check out the Jane Austen blogs.

  2. I have so enjoyed getting involved with my local chapter We have great discussions and delicious teas, and I've even learned to play whist. Next month we're discussing Sanditon - I need to re-read it.

    1. Thanks for that encouragement Lisa - that's all the motivation I need to get me to attend my first meeting :-)

  3. Anonymous30/8/14

    What an extensive list! Thanks for doing all the research and posting the sites and links here. May I add one more, JASACT that's JA Society in Canberra. Here's the link, or maybe you have listed it already and I missed it?


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