Tuesday 16 September 2014

It's Nothing Personal

It happens to us all.

Every now and again, we simply need a break.

Not a long break or a permanent break - just a little hiatus to catch our breath & recharge our batteries.

That's me right now.

Like the true introvert I am, I've crawled into my shell & I have nothing to say.

Well...only a little bit to say...

I've been unwell, I've been away & I've been busy. My mind is preoccupied & my thoughts are scattered.

I could beat myself up for not reviewing and visiting blogs. Instead I've decided to be kind to myself and give myself the little technology break my mind is obviously in need of.

Instagram, twitter & facebook will not be checked daily. And I will blog again as soon as I can piece together a coherent blog post.

In the meantime...

I'm half way through The Bone Clocks, I'm only four chapters into my Classic Club Spin book and my TBR pile is growing not diminishing.

I will simply and happily use all this extra spare time to read, read, read!

P.S. I like pinterest, but sometimes quotes, like this one, are not easy to trace back to their source.
Please accept this unacknowledged repost as a compliment to the original author for saying exactly what I wanted to say at this moment in time.


  1. I hope that you feel better soon.

    As for the break in technology, I think that many of us can benefit from it.

  2. Anonymous16/9/14

    I too am taking a needed break from blogging.
    Enjoy your rest, read and relax....as I will on the other side of the world!


  3. Enjoy your break and I hope you feel better and your batteries are recharged soon. I agree with Brian above a break from techie stuff is good. Take care :)

  4. Anonymous16/9/14

    I'll be waiting to read your reviews when you are feeling up to writing again. There's no need to put extra pressure on yourself if you need a break. (And isn't it the nature of a TBR pile to always be growing?)

  5. I take regular blogging breaks as it all becomes too much. Take care of yourself and enjoy your break from blogging and social media. I do find checking Facebook, twitter , etc does become all too consuming and it is really much more sensible to just turn it off, make a cup of coffee (or tea...or glass of wine in the evening) , sit back with a good book and enjoy the silence that is there when the computer is off. See you when you get back online. (Pam - Travellin' Penguin)

  6. Anonymous17/9/14

    That is a great quote!

  7. Enjoy your break, Brona - and remember, this is meant to be fun!

    1. I still find blogging fun & I feel very passionate about it, but time seems to be flying by & I can't give it the attention I want to, to do it properly right now....but thank you everyone for the support and encouragement.

      I've just finished The Bone Clocks and can't wait to write the review. It has been lovely to have big, long reading stretches this week - going to be half an hour earlier helps too :-)

  8. I hope you're feeling better soon, I understand the time pressures trying to get everything done- sometimes something needs to go, so that it's not you that bends under the strain. I'll look forward to when you're ready to return.

  9. We definitely all need a break! We'll be here whenever you're back : )


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