Saturday, 29 November 2014

Withering-by-Sea by Judith Rossell

Withering-by-Sea is styled as a new mystery series for good 10+ readers who love a good Victorian melodrama.

Young Stella Montgomery is an orphan being raised by her three strait-laced, much older & very unsympathetic aunts. They roam the countryside seeking health cures & tonics whilst Stella quietly does her lessons and tries to stay out of mischief.

At Withering-by-Sea though, Stella witnesses a crime - a very mysterious & disturbing crime that sees her learning about her own mysterious past as she does everything she can to honour a promise to a dying man.

Rossell has illustrated her book with gorgeous black & white line drawings. Whole pages as well as  little inset details, patterns & borders decorate this book.

Everything about Stella's story discretely cries success.

Signor Capellís Educated Cats
A spunky heroine, an exciting light fantasy/fey storyline - all presented in a beautifully packaged book...with the promise of more books to come!

I hope Judith Rossell writes and draws quickly because I suspect her fans will be clamouring for more.


  1. The illustrations alone captivate me. I wonder if I can find this to read to my class? I shall look, it seems so charming.

  2. looks like a gorgeous book!

  3. Anonymous30/11/14

    I love anything with cats!

  4. I saw this in the shops for the first time the other day- you know that I brought one home I'm sure. It looks enchanting.


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