Saturday, 4 April 2015

Fearless Sons and Daughter by Colin Thompson & Sarah Davis

If you loved Fearless and Fearless in Love then you'll be delighted with this latest installment about the most adorable, scaredy-cat bulldog in the world!

Fearless Sons and Daughter follows the clueless Fearless as he comes to terms with his new role as dad to five of the silliest, cutest bulldog pups ever.

The usual puppy mishaps ensue and the usual Fearless fears arise as the ever patient, Primrose carries on.
My only beef with the book, & it may be the former teacher coming out in me, is the poor grammar as spoken by the dogs - it annoys me! I understand that Thompson has created his own dog language but if I read this aloud to a class, I would have to automatically correct it. I would emphasise the doggy language but using my 'barky' voice instead!

Sarah Davis' illustrations are as adorable as ever - the impulse to reach in and give those puppies are cuddle is very strong indeed.


  1. Hi Brona-
    You visited my blog and asked "By the by your new look blog also looks great on my phone ( something I haven't managed to coordinate yet) - do you have any tips on how to do this?"
    I pushed the button at the top of the page that says DESIGN, then from the list of options I selected TEMPLATE. The page that shows up has options for changing the LIVE on BLOG or the MOBILE APP. Underneath the MOBILE setting is a little gear where you can customize your mobile settings. I honestly don't remember doing that but I must have. There may be a place under setting for clicking a button which allows your MOBILE settings to appear different that your blog. Good luck.

    1. Thanks Anne -I'll check it out :-)


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