Thursday, 28 May 2015

Bogtrotter and Our Baby by Margaret Wild

I don't know how she does it, but Margaret Wild is a publishing powerhouse.

At the moment she has two, very different, new release picture books on the shelves.

Bogtrotter is illustrated by Judith Rossell (who recently published her own illustrated chapter book, Whispering-By-Sea, to much acclaim).

Bogtrotter is a are green, rotund, routine-loving creature who likes to run. But his life feels incomplete...until he meets a wise old frog who gently challenges his routines.

Gradually, Bogtrotter tries new things and adds new experiences to his daily rituals. With frog's encouragement he learns to appreciate the beauty of the world around him and make new friends.

Rossell's whimsical water colours add a dreamy quality to Wild's story.

Wild has created a lovely story about bravery, change and the benefits of trying new things.

Our Baby is illustrated by Karen Blair and once again sees Wild celebrating diversity and daily rituals.

Many of the current selection of new baby books focus on the issue of jealousy. Which is a valid issue for many young children.

But many older siblings embrace the newest member of their family wholeheartedly and it's lovely to see a picture book that draws on this experience instead.

Wild and Blair casually highlight all the different types of families and all the different types of babies.
Wild uses inclusive language to describe family routines and the various actions, likes and dislikes of babies.

Blair's illustrations add an extra layer of humour and authenticity. 

Our Baby is a gentle, loving look at sibling relationships filled with wonder, curiosity and delight.


  1. Her output is really impressive isn't it? I find her use of Bogtrotter interesting as of course it is the name of one of Roald Dahl's most famous characters- Bruce Bogtrotter, forced to eat the whole chocolate cake by Aunt Agatha in Matilda. Nice to see Judith Rossell on a roll, I loved her Withering-by-Sea.

    1. I've only ever read two Dahl's (hangs head in shame) so didn't pick up on the bogtrotter link.

      I'm hoping that Rossell gets a CBCA win this year as I enjoyed Withering so much.:-)


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