Sunday 20 December 2015


I've been pondering what to do about next year.

In the past I have jumped on board several reading challenges at the beginning of each new year. I love the comraderie and excitement around these events. I get caught up in it - the list making, the going through my TBR pile, the commenting, the comparing. I love it all.

But I almost never complete them.

I get distracted by shiny new books, my mood takes me off in a completely different directions and then I spot a great readalong and decide to join in that instead.

Sometime around April, I forget which books are on my lists and keeping track of them is one task too many in my life!

As much as I love the chatter at this time of year about what challenge, who with and which books, I have decided not to join in any.

I am going to stick with my strengths.

I will free-range, mood read my way through the year, as I end up doing ever year anyway!

I will jump on board readalongs that catch my eye. I may even host a couple.

I will join in and read my Classic Club spin books because I love the randomness and fellowship of the spins.

I will attempt to go the whole 24 hrs with the next Dewey's 24 hr Readathon, social life permitting.

I will read and review as many Australian women writers as I possibly can.

I will continue my personal reading goals around the Classics Club and the prize winning books (see tabs above).

I will join in various weekly memes as the mood takes me.

I realise that my desire to ease back right now may simply be a reaction to all the stuff going on around me.

This month is the busiest work month of my year and I'm feeling stretched rather thin. Extra shifts, longer shifts and all those people wanting recommendations, can make this introvert wig out!
I love that all my family and friends want to catch up and socialise at this time of year, but all the extra time out and about with my extrovert face on, can make this introvert wig out! 

Maybe after my glorious post-Christmas three week holiday I will feel differently? 

Maybe in mid January you will see a sudden flurry of 2016 resolutions and challenge reading lists appear on my blog? 

Who knows?

For now I will continue to potter along with Andi's #PotterBinge and my #xmasinsummer reading.
I'm loving Being Mortal - thank you Katie for this fabulous readalong. 
And I can't wait to read the last three Ferrante books over my holiday break - the anticipation is delightful!  

I have my Spin book to read by Feb 1st. And in March I will join Ali for her #Woolfalong read of Night and Day. I also hope and hope and hope that Fanda hosts another Zoladdiction in April.

How are your 2016 reading plans going?


  1. Anonymous20/12/15

    No thing you can do! The pressure if off. This leaves room for 'spur of the moment' reads, spin's, read-a-long's, that Dewey thing, non-fiction relief reading and the #XmasInSummer idea!
    These are all things to enjoy and quickly complete. Feeling of accomplishment just keeps building all year long. I enjoy the LIST method. (my list 2016). Books I want to read, occasional modifications and the pleasure of being your own task-master! PS = don't forget the Nobels!

    1. I do have some Modiano's lurking in my TBR pile I really must get to...:-)

  2. Well done for sticking to your strengths Brona. There's still great reading to be had there. And you are exposed to so many great new books throughout the year it's great to be flexible. Your holiday sounds nice. I have a very few days off in January (much less than I hoped) and too much work. I have too much scheduled reading with my 1001 challenge, but I'm still committed to it, so it goes on- we've planned some shorter books for the first half of next year to allow me time for other stuff I have going on. I must try and participate in a Dewey's one time- but the time zones are tricky here as you know. And I always seem to be working...

    1. Good luck with your holiday reading Louise. I haven't had three weeks off in a row for a very long time and I'm starting to feel pretty excited about it.
      It's difficult to start the Dewey readathon at 11pm as we have to do here, but it would be nice to know there was someone else I knew doing it too :-)

  3. It's always fun to read others New Year's reading resolutions. I feel the same way as you, in that I get pulled in too many directions and am going to attempt not to this coming year. I have yet to choose my challenges but I can imagine that I'll get pulled in again. Perhaps my goal is not to stress about not finishing the challenges, but to be grateful that they're helping me to read books that I've been meaning to read for years and haven't, or finding wonderful books that I wouldn't have otherwise.

    All the best in 2016!

    1. Yes, half the fun at least, is in the compiling of the lists and challenges and checking out what everyone else is up to :-)
      I can still do the last part of course....

  4. Enjoy everything that comes your way this year, Brona! I like having some structure through challenges and whatnot, but I also basically end up reading as the mood strikes me. Hope you can find a balance that's right for you.

  5. I can so relate to this post. The only challenge I will commit to is the Triple Dog Dare of TBR books. I have so many so I will do that from 1 Jan to 1 April. I might organise the books I have into a list or challenge as I am still working on my Century of Books challenge and I like the idea of knocking off some of the 1001 book list. I am currently in 2 reading groups but that may well change. Might be too many. I am by no means a speed reader. Enjoy your 3 week holiday and I look forward to what al of us get up to in 2016.

  6. I hear you! I love the list making, but always get distracted, too. Fir next year, I've only committed to challenges for which I don't have to make reading plans in advance. Aside from my own Twelve Germans in 2016 event, that is. I'm looking forward to discovering lots of new books through your blog next year!

  7. THAT is a really good idea. In the beginning I also pressured myself into signing up for challenges, and while they were mostly good and fun, I sometimes felt like I was forgetting the real reason for reading. To each their own of course, and good to see you're giving this way a try too.

  8. Hi Brona! It's been a loong time since my last visit are you?

    No wonder I have had a longing to open this specific post of yours today, maybe I can hear you calling my name... ^_^

    Thanks for loving Zoladdiction so much that you hope I'll be hosting it again next year, but sadly to say, I won't. :( I'll be quite busy around March & April, and hosting such event would be too much for me, I'm afraid. But instead, I'm hosting Belle Epoque event (and of course, Zola is including!). This one is stretched for the whole year, so if you want, you can pick Zola for April (if you're not interested in reading other than him). How's that? ;)

    Here's the link in case you're interested: :)

    1. I will definitely use your new Belle Epoque event to read a Zola or two.
      Thanks for popping by again Fanda - it was lovely to see your face on my page again :-)

  9. It's important to do what you need to make sure reading is fun and if that means no challenge commitments so be it. (I will miss seeing you pop up in challenge link lists though). Best wishes for a book-filled 2016!

    1. I may not being doing yearly challenges, but I will popping in to various memes and readalongs andf readathons all year, so hopefully I will see you at one (or two) of those instead :-)


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