Friday, 15 July 2016

Perfect by Danny Parker

Perfect by Danny Parker has been illustrated by award winning illustrator Freya Blackwood.
When Parker found out who had been assigned to illustrate his book, he must have rubbed his hands together with delight and thought, 'perfect!'

Perfect is also the perfect theme for Blackwood. A story that promotes the simple pleasures of childhood is something she is no stranger to,

Her delightful, idyllic drawings add a charm to the everyday happenings of this group of young siblings who eat, play, create, fix, make and imagine the day away together.

The siblings all use their day in age appropriate fashion, according to their developmental stage. We see the older ones helping the toddler and the younger ones trying to copy their big sister.

I love her outdoorsy pictures in particular. They are full of movement, fresh air and warmth (you can almost smell the summers day through the pages).

I'm also a sucker for maps in books - the page showing us the farm, the cove, river and little village is designed to be poured over and explored in detail.

Parker has written a story that extols the freedom and spontaneity of childhood. It's a particular type of childhood that many of us probably don't get to have, but one that many of us idealise as being perfect.

A childhood of sunshine, security and carefree simplicity.

I did ask myself, though, at the end of the book, "where are the parents?"

Nominated for this years CBCA Early Childhood book, Perfect is the perfect lazy, read aloud book to share with your child at the end of another busy day.

My CBCA shortlist post is here.

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  1. I hadn't heard of Freya Blackwood before but I love her illustrations. It's the first rule of writing children's books - get rid of those pesky parents who would veto any chance of adventure and fun.


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