Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Just Saying...

I am truly delighted that George Saunders has won an award for his fabulous book, Lincoln in the Bardo. I loved it from start to finish and it deserves to be inundated with accolades and prizes.

But I also loved Kamila Shamsie's Home Fire just as much, but for very different reasons (review still to come). I was terribly disappointed that it didn't make the shortlist as I feel that it deserved a chance to be shown off to a wider audience. The kind of audience that being shortlisted for a major award can give you.

I like to read books from authors all around the world. But there is so much choice, which can make it hard for me to decide which book I should try next.
Longlists and shortlists help me narrow down the choice.

If you'd like to read more award winning books from around the world try these awards and prizes -

Stella Prize (Australian women writers)
Walter Scott Prize (historical fiction from Commonwealth countries)
The International Dublin Literacy Award (world literature including translated works)
Women's Prize for Fiction (women's writing worldwide)
Miles Franklin Literary Award (Australian literature)
Man Booker International (translated works worldwide)
Giller Prize (Canadian literature)
Crossword Book Awards (Indian literature)
Costa Book Awards (UK & Ireland, all ages)
Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (worldwide, children's literature)
The Jerusalem Prize (worldwide, for works about the freedom of man in society)
Nobel Prize for Literature (worldwide for a body of work)

This is just the tip of the award winning iceberg.

If you're lucky enough to be able to read books in other languages, there are oodles and oodles of awards and prizes for you to check out too.



  1. Always love lists of literary prizes....many thanks.
    Glad to hear you scored a winner reading the Man Booker Prize winner before it is announced!

    1. It was interesting to have read several books from the shortlist before the announcement and to have a strong opinion about which one of those I wanted to win...but don't get me started on the shortlist!!

  2. Nooooo - don't send me off to more lists of books! How could you be so cruel! ;)

  3. Brilliant idea for a post and a great resource. I was a bit annoyed he'd won because I had a job booked in to transcribe an interview with "The Booker winner" and now I know it's him, and I have transcribed him before and I can't think it'll be that interesting! Oh well!

    1. Where do your transcriptions end up Liz?

    2. In all sorts of places. This one was for the New Statesman, and I do quite a lot of bits for them; my work also appears in The Guardian (quite a lot), The Times, Q and Electronic Music and other magazines and books (I often can't talk about the latter).


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