Saturday 3 November 2018

#6degrees November

#6degrees is a monthly meme hosted by Kate @Books Are My Favourite and Best.

Oftentimes I haven't read the starting book for this meme, but I can assure you that I only play the next 6 books with ones I have actually read. 
If I've read the book during this blogging life, then I include my review, otherwise, you just have to take my word for it!

This month the starting book is Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray..
Are you game?

Old image alert - Kate @Books Are My Favourite & Best now hosts #6Degrees but this is a good refresh of the rules.

I think I started readng Vanity Fair in my early twenties, but I'm not sure I finished it.
I was inspired to give it a go by the BBC production doing the rounds at the time starring Eve Matheson.
I enjoyed the TV series but found the book a bit long-winded.

This is not the first time a TV series or movie has encouraged me to try a book that I may not have otherwise tackled.
Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad seemed too dark and too naval to attract my readerly attention, but then one rainy Sunday afternoon in my late twenties, I decided to watch the 1965 movie starring Peter O'Toole.
The book followed not long after.

A few years later, when I read a rave review about Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander series, I didn't dismiss it outright.
Lord Jim showed me I could read a story with a naval setting and even enjoy it.
I loved the first Master and Commander book so much, I went on to read all 21 books in the series...and watch the Russell Crowe movie when it came out in 2003.
 Although I'm still not sure I can explain the difference between a jib and a mainsail!

Another series that I've read every single book all the way through to the bitter end, was the Anne of Green Gables books by L.M. Montgomery.
I say the bitter end, because as with any long standing series, some of the titles were better than others.

Which has certainly been my experience of the Maisie Dobbs series.
The 14th book in this mostly delightful cosy crime series set between the wars in London, has just been published this year.
Winspear nearly lost her way a few books ago, when she finally allowed Maisie to fall in love.
The love story nearly killed her series.
Drastic action was required - main characters were killed off and a time jump occurred to give this series fresh blood.

Speaking of time jumps, the book that used the time jump effect to perfection was The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.
Being able to go back in time to 1980's Detroit to see a Violent Femmes concert sounds like a good use of one's ability to travel in time!

Although Stephen King fans might dispute this, claiming that being able to go back to 1963 to prevent the assassination of JFK is a worthier use of time travel.
However 11/22/63 showed us that changing history has it's own consequences.

I started in 1847 England, travelled via sea to Prince Edward Island, London and a Violent Femmes concert, to finish up in 1963 on the trail of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Where did you end up?

Next month (December 1, 2018), we’ll begin with A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.


  1. I'm not great with series either but like you, read all of the Anne of Green Gables titles when I was younger. And agree that Vanity Fair is a bit long-winded - my recollection is that the BBC production was good (true to the story and engaging).

  2. That's quite a journey! The Time Traveller's Wife was one of those books I expected not to like given the huge amount of hype around it but ended up loving.

  3. I'm happy to watch a TV series or a film if I haven't read the book first - that's the right way for me. I enjoyed Vanity Fair, so haven't warched any of the adaptations. I gave up on the Maisie Dobbs books, but perhaps I should try the later books.

    I ended up with Oliver Twist, with some very different books in between! Next month A Christmas Carol chain promises to be good, I think.

  4. Time to take a break from cooking in the kitchen and dread your 6 degrees! Amazed how you connect! I'll not post my connections but will try in my mind to do this meme! Loved Lord Jim (Conrad) and P. O'Toole was perfect casting for this flawed character....who sought redemption. Now, Patrick O' Brian...that is an author I'd like to read. Maisie Dobbs doesn't really appeal to me...and time travel? I still am weary after reading An Ocean of Minutes, but never say die! I'll look into the Time Traveller's Wife. Xmas? Oh, I do have to get a list of books ready for the holiday season. I've read Christmas Carol...any suggestions for this list?

    1. ...that should be 'read your 6 degrees' NOT dread! Oops!

  5. Nice chain! I enjoyed a lot Lord Jim, and the old movie is mesmerizing. Here is my post:

  6. Great chain - I particularly enjoyed the jump from Master and Commander to Anne of Green Gables! I don't remember seeing an Eve Matheson version of Vanity Fair, but I loved the BBC adaptation that starred Natasha Little in the role. I also loved the book though it's many years since I read it. Due for a re-read, I think...

  7. Your posts are always such fun to read, the way you flow from one book to the other. My husband has read a few of the O'Brien books, including Master and Commander, and really enjoyed it. And I am only just now getting to the first book of Anne of Green Gables, which I am reading to my daughter at her request. I can relate to seeing a movie or television show and then wanting to go on and read the book. It was like that for me after the first Lord of the Rings movie. I went and read the books before the second movie came out--and loved them. I haven't tried the Maisie Dobbs series, although my husband things I would like it (he's read the first book). Time Traveller's Wife was one of those that left me in tears. It was so good! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. That's an amazing chain that can include Anne of Green Gables and Stephen King! Ha! Loved it!

  9. Great chain this month! I've read the first six Patrick O'Brian books and will read the others eventually. I still don't understand all the terminology either, but I love the series anyway!

  10. Great time jump! And, Violent Femmes - yay! I am currently reading the latest Maisie Dobbs and it's so good. There are parts that definitely remind me of the earlier books.

  11. Hi Brona, are you not doing AusReading month this year or have I missed the link?

    1. No Carol I'm not doing AusReading Month this year. I've had too much going on this year and I couldn't muster the enthusiasm or the energy for it. And you are the only one who has asked about it, so I think it may have run its course :-(

      Thank you for checking in though.

    2. Well, thanks for organising it in previous years. I really enjoyed participating & found some great titles through it :)

    3. Thanks again Carol.
      Maybe next year, when life has settled down somewhat, I may try again...I'll wait and see.

  12. I love the Master and Commander series, Annie of Green Gables and Maise Dobbs!! My writing partner adores Maise Dobbs so of course you know I had to too. They all have their own charms, they really make you feel a part of their worlds. ❤


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