Saturday 23 February 2019

Stories & Shout Outs #18

It has been a while since I sat down to write a housekeeping post, and certainly this is the first time this year that I've considered my reading plans for 2019. Up until now I've had a lovely time, free-reading as the time and mood takes me. Which is actually how I read most of the time, but I do also enjoy reading along with others and keeping up with some of the book award nominations.

I have a number of reading events fast approaching, so I decided it would helpful to have them all listed in one place. So bear with me, as this IS that post!

Paula @Book Jotter is hosting Dewithon throughout March, which is where we spend the entire month soaking up all things Welsh. Paula is hosting a readalong of The Autobiography of a Super-tramp by W.H. Davies, however I'm going to use this event to help me read 2 Welsh books on my TBR pile. My choices are How Green Was My Valley by Richard Llewellyn, On the Black Hill by Bruce Chatwin, The Mabinogion and Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas.

April is Fanda's Zoladdiction, when I plan to read the next book in the Rougon-Macquart series - Le Ventre de Paris (The Belly of Paris).

In May I have my next IMreadalong book with Liz, The Sea, The Sea. Followed by the final Murdoch on my TBR pile, The Book and the Brotherhood, in September.

July, of course, is Paris in July with Tamara, when I hope to read another Maigret and maybe a George Sand novel. November will be the time to catch up on my non-fiction reading with Katie, Sarah, Kim, Julie and Rennie.

I'm saving Oct/Nov/Dec for my foray into Shakespearean territory with Rachel & Erica's Year of Shakespeare. My plan is to read the tragi-comedy, The Tempest, then tackle Margaret Atwood's modern adaptation, The Hag-Seed.

Somewhere in there, I promised/planned to host a Moby Dick readalong. It now looks like August will be the best time to get this kick started. The plan will be to read a chapter of the book, then listen to that chapter on the Moby Dick Big Read before moving onto the next chapter. Although I do not plan to read it a chapter-a-day, I would give myself a healthy time frame (at least 2 months) to complete this leviathan task. Who's in?

Recently a blogger friend was surprised to discover that I had other blogs on the go. So I thought I would remind everyone about my other blogs.

I have a travel blog, Exploring the World that came about after our trip to Cuba two years ago. Mr Books and I both wrote a few posts about our time there...and we had lots of grand ideas about future travel and posts. But time, changing jobs and family life got in the way (for now) and it has evolved (for now) into a travel photography blog. Every Thursday we host a #ThursdayTravels photographic meme.

The rules are simple:
  • Pick just ONE photo that shows something unique, unusual or quintessential about your travels.
  • You can label it, write a story or do a travelogue piece about your photo if you so desire.
  • These photos are about the place, the environment (man-made or natural), panoramas, macros – whatever captures your eye.
  • All photos must be your own.
  • NO selfies or family pics please.

I also have a blog that features my excursions to art galleries, museums and other cultural events. Mixed in with the photos are recipes (so I can join in sporadically with Beth Fish Reads Weekend Cooking) and my journey with a healthy lifestyle. The blog is called Four Seasons.

Earlier in the year, I also felt the need to start a new blog. A more personal journal that explores philosophical, ethical and lifestyle choices. I've called it (This) Authentic Life and have no idea how I'm going to find time to do it justice, but it felt like something I had to do.

Can you match me or join in with my crazy reading and blogging plans this year?


  1. Now you reminded me to start writing the announcement post for Zoladdiction!

    And Moby Dick Readalong in August looks great, I'll arrange my reading schedule to match it.

  2. Moby-Dick is something else! Good on you for hosting the read-along. It should be fun. (Fun is not the right word, but I'm sticking with it.)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement...I think :-)

  3. I've been thinking about reading How Green Was My Valley for Dewithon, so if you decide to read that one too I'll be interested to hear your thoughts.

    1. I started it last night Helen....& loving it so far. One of the early characters even has my name! Which doesn't happen very often in literature. Look forward to hearing your thoughts as we go along. Are you on twitter?

  4. I started reading MD this week....but I'm less than 50 pages in. Sooooo...I'm gong to stop and put it off until August.

  5. Oh I am so in for the Moby Dick. I'll be honest...I do not want to read it, but it is one of those books I believe I should. And a readalong is just what will make it happen.

    1. That's what I figure too Laurie. I'm hoping the read/listen combo will also be helpful in making it through the book in one piece!

  6. I'm really excited about Moby Dick! It's a book I have known I should read for a long time and feel ready to start tackling some of these big novels (War and Peace is still calling my name). I'm putting this on my calendar for August. Looking forward to it!

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