Tuesday, 6 October 2009

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff

To begin with I was concerned that 'How I Live Now' was going to be little more than a mushy romance novel with a little sci-fi twist for teen girls. Thankfully I kept going and was proved wrong.
Yes, there is romance, love and some sex (very tame, but clearly sex). And there is a little sci-fi stuff with mind reading and telepathy.

But there is so much more...we have war and peace, friendship, belonging, courage and danger. We have a young girl - lost, angry, anorexic - who doesn't know who she is anymore, coming to England for the summer to stay with her cousins. But war breaks out and Daisy suddenly has to step up, get involved and take care of herself and her cousins. 

It's beautifully written and engaging. I went along for the ride and loved it.
For mature readers 15+


  1. I enjoyed this book very much. It developed a unique atmosphere and I felt lost in their world as I was reading it (in a good way). I even held on to my copy to read again someday. A book has to be pretty good to earn coveted shelf space in my library, as there is never enough to go around.

  2. Yes I would happily reread this book too, although I was disappointed with Rosoff's latest book (the one about god being a teenage boy).


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