Friday 10 February 2012

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

It feels like a while since I gave a completely positive review for a YA book, but here it is!

The Hunt is the first book in a new series by Andrew Fukuda. It's strong, gripping and exciting from the word go.

'The world as we know it is populated by the dominant vampire people. Their over-hunting of humans (or hepers) over the years has resulted in a serious scarcity of new meat. As a result, the government organises a Hunt every decade or so. A small group of specially breed hepers are released into the wild for a select group of vampires to hunt down.

This time around 17-year old Gene is one of the lucky vampires selected to be apart of The Hunt. The only problem is, Gene is a heper too. A heper, who has up until now, kept a low profile & kept alive by pretending to be a vampire!

Initially I thought this was going to be another Hunger Games, but the Hunt doesn't go to plan and Fukuda throws in a few surprises and plot twists along the way to keep everyone guessing.

This is a May release - worth waiting for and worth looking out for.
In the meantime you can check our Fukuda's blog as he prepares to write book 2.

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