Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

What a little gem of a book.

I picked it up purely on whim (as well as being enticed by the slimness of its pages!)

I wont give away any of the good bits except to say that in such a small book, Bennett manages to pack in a whole lot about the joys of reading as well as discussing the relevancy (or not) of the monachy.

A few quick quotes to tempt you...

"...reading purely for pleasure, not enlightenment, though part of the pleasure was the enlightenment."

"Books did not care who was reading them or whether one read them or not. All readers were equal, herself included."

"She'd never taken much interest in reading....It was a hobby and it was in the nature of her job that she didn't have hobbies....Hobbies involved preferences and preferences had to be avoided; preferences excluded people....Her job was to take an interest, not to be interested herself."

Full of subversive humour and gentle republicanism, Bennett is also not afraid to take a sly dig at authors themselves.

A book that trumpets the wonders of books & reading is the perfect choice for...

Thanks for your comments and thanks for the company!


  1. Anonymous13/9/12

    I read this book several years ago-- it has been long enough to not remember a lot of details, but just how delightful it was. Great choice for your 200th post! :)

  2. I've read this too a few years ago, lovely, Alan Bennett is always lovely. So clever, and such a wonderful turn of phrase. Congratulations on 200 posts!


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