Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Simon Mawer

I love historical fiction as most of you know. And a good war story is hard to beat!

But something about The Girl Who Fell From the Sky didn't quite work for me.

It had all the right elements and there were stretches when I enjoyed it and thought, "yep he's got me now". Then all of sudden there would be a little Mills and Boon style love scene!

Does he love me, does he not, swoon he kissed me, oh the torment of being apart!

When Mawer stuck to the spying stuff, war details and dialogue we were okay. But the love scenes and soul-searching just made me cringe with annoyance.

And the end? In some ways I'm glad it ended how it did - it was satisfying and a bit of a shock, but not ultimately very believable (even though loosely based on true events!)

The Girl Who Fell From the Sky is a fine summer holiday read. It's undemanding, with brief chapters and engaging enough. The story becomes more plausible with a cocktail or two under your belt!!

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