Saturday, 29 June 2013

CBCA Shortlists for Illustrators 2013

Picture Book shortlist for Illustrators

The Coat - Ron Brooks (Julie Hunt)
Tanglewood - Vivienne Goodman (Margaret Wild)
Herman & Rosie - Gus Gordon
Sophie Scott Goes South - Alison Lester
Lightning Jack - Patricia Mullens (Glenda Millard)
A Day To Remember - Mark Wilson (Jackie French)

If you would like to read about the criteria the judges use for selecting the Picture Book winner each year click here.

Crichton Shortlist for New Illustrators

The Whale Shark Song - Sadie James
Ruby Red Shoes by Kate Knapp
A Forest - Marc Martin
Yellow Dress Day - Sophie Norsa (Michelle Worthington)
Apollo The Powerful Owl - Stephen Pym (Gordon Winch)
One Very Tired Wombat - Renee Treml

Check out my posts for this year's CBCA early childhood book shortlist, Older & Younger readers shortlists & the Eve Pownall shortlist.

The Book Week (August 17 - August 23) theme for this year is Read Across the Universe.

The CBCA winners will be announced on Friday August 16, 2013

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