Monday, 24 June 2013

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt & Oliver Jeffers

I admit up front that I'm an Oliver Jeffers fan. I am predisposed to loving any new books with his name on the front.

Some books are quirky and interesting but don't quite hit the 'I must reread this book as often as possible to as many groups of children as I can' category (i.e. This Moose Belongs to Me and The Huey's).

Some of Jeffers books are heart-warming and poignant but fill a niche need (i.e. Heart and the Bottle).

And others are books that have become instant modern day classics (i.e. How To Catch A Star, Lost and Found and The Way Back Home).

The Day the Crayons Quit is Jeffers latest picture book...and surprise, surprise...I loved it!

The Day the Crayons Quit is actually written by Drew Daywalt, but Drew and Oliver are obviously kindred spirits. The text and illustrations complement each other perfectly. The story is full of the humour, quirkiness and charm that we have come to expect from Jeffers solo ventures.

Duncan opens his crayon box one day to discover a pile of letters addressed to him. The crayons are concerned by how well-used or ill-used they feel they are by Duncan. Each colour writes a letter to Duncan outlining their issues.

Highly recommended for 3 - 93 year olds!

Postscript: 2/10/2014 - A new crayon book is in the works - click here for more information.


  1. Hey! Thanks for following my blog! :)

    Oliver Jeffers is one of my favourite illustrators! He really knows how to bring a children's picture book to life! This book sounds really cute :)

    Martha @

  2. Anonymous28/6/13

    I saw someone on twitter mention this book and I really want to get it for my nieces! It sounds great!

  3. Now this is a title and author I wouldn't know about except for your post. I will check him out.
    Thanks for sharing.


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