Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fellow Bloggers Reading & Reviewing Australian books

It's almost AusReading Month - only 3 more sleeps to go!

Today's post highlights Australian blogs and bloggers that I enjoy visiting.

A Strong Belief in Wicker has stacks of Aussie books to check out as well as her own lists of favourites. We also share a love affair with all things Paris.

Bibliolathas also has an eclectic selection of Australian reviews and Australiana.

Girl Booker is a personal friend who writes quirky, funny, thought provoking reviews on all sorts of things.

For a great list of Aussie books with reviews check out Book'd Out.

A whole blog devoted to Australian and NZ literature? Try ANZ LitLovers LitBlog.

Fancy some accessible Australian history - go to Stumbling Through the Past.

Aussie author and foodie, Charlotte Wood writes an occasional blog full of recipes and Australiana called How to Shuck an Oyster. I love it.

If you plan to visit Sydney and want a run down on what restaurants and cafes to visit got to Scoff and Quaff for all your food porn needs!

And for a more general Aussie food blog visit Eat Aussie.

For some humorous social commentary a la Aussie-style visit The Hoopla.

Many of you will know Chantelle from her Instagram photo a day challenge, but she also runs a blog simply called Fat Mum Slim.

For your Aussie astrology with attitude visit Mystic Medusa.

And finally, in an attempt at blatant self-promotion, visit my other blog, Four Seasons, for a photographic excursion around my part of Sydney.

If that's not enough Australiana for you go to my right side panel of Australian sites as well as clicking on the Australian women's blog image.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!


  1. Thank you kindly for the mention, Brona (oi! oi! oi!) - and lots of lovely things for me to explore here too. (There goes the rest of my night!)

    1. I sympathise Vicki - today is my day off work...and I've been on the computer getting ready for AusReading month for most of the day! Lucky it was a weird, blustery, smoky day outside so I don't feel like I've missed anything!

  2. Anonymous30/10/13

    Thanks for the shout out Brona :

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out


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