Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Pig the Pug and Pig the Fibber by Aaron Blabey

In the past I have admired Blabey's quirky, poignant stories about friendship. But in the last year, he has published a run of quirky, funny morality tales that have have delighted younger readers whilst shocking the slightly older ones!

Pig the Pug is not a very nice dog.
He refuses to share his pile of toys with poor sausage dog Trevor. He makes it worse by being spiteful as well as gloating about his selfishness gleefully.

Blabey uses lots of fun rhymes to highlight Pig's greed which you can see and hear for yourself in the youtube link below.  

You'll be pleased to know that Pig does get his comeuppance although it did make the parents sitting in on my reading group gasp & laugh nervously in shock.


Pig the Pug has been nominated for this year's CBCA shortlist.

Blabey has now followed up his success with Pig by bringing us Pig the Fibber.

My hope for this book was that poor old Trevor would develop some gumption and stand up to Pig, but....

Pig is back...bigger, badder and meaner than ever! This time he is lying and blaming poor Trevor for all his bad behaviour (including his old vice of greediness).
He would often tell lies
just to get his own way.
And poor old Trevor just puts up with it. He desperately wants Pig to like him and be his friend, but how long can he put up with Pig's obnoxious, bullying ways?

Obviously a little bit longer, because although Pig does, once again, get his rather shocking and painful comeuppance, Trevor, once again, fawns over the briefly subdued and incapacitated Pig! Nothing has changed.
We, the reader have learnt the lesson meant for Pig....but has he?

I fear not!


  1. I loved Pig the Pug- I haven't read Pig the Fibber as yet. Thanks for the video too- I hadn't seen it before either.

    1. I have another Blabey review coming up in a few days too :-)


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