Wednesday 23 September 2015

AusReading Month sign up post

November is AusReading Month - a month long celebration of all things Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

Join us as we read, review and blog about all things Australian - classic books, contemporary stories, children's books, poetry, non-fiction, short stories, popular, literary, award-winning - whatever.

The only stipulation is that it has to be written by an Australian based author or predominantly set in Australia.

The rules are simple: read one, two or more Australian books throughout the month of November. Write a review on your blog and link it back here.

Visit and comment on your fellow bloggers posts to build up our growing community of Aussie book lovers.

If you're unsure of what to read, the CBCA, MILES and STELLA tabs above will give you a list of award winning Australian books. 

The Australian Women Writers Challenge is also building up a fabulous database of Australian women writers (& bloggers).

There are oodles of online lists to check out too. 

Below are a few recent lists to tempt you:

50 Great Reads by Australian Women in 2014
50 Australian Books to Read Before You Die
Australia's Top 100 Favourite Homegrown Reads 

This year I plan to read a chunkster of a book for AusReading Month. 

The Fortunes of Richard Mahony is an Australian classic written during the 1930's by Ethel Florence Richardson a.k.a. Henry Handel Richardson.

Set in Australia during the gold-mining boom, this remarkable trilogy is one of the classics of Australian literature.
Henry Handel Richardson’s great literary achievement, comprising the novels Australia Felix, The Way Home and Ultima Thule, weaves together many themes.
Richard Mahony, despite finding initial contentment with his wife Mary, becomes increasingly dissatisfied with his ordered life. His restlessness is not understood by Mary, who has to endure the constant shattering of her security as Richard desperately attempts to free himself; his attempts finally plunge them into poverty.
In the figure of Richard Mahony, Richardson captures the soul of the emigrant, ever restless, ever searching for some equilibrium, yet never really able to settle anywhere. Richard’s search, though, is also the more universal one for a meaning that will validate and give purpose to his existence.

My plans are as follows:

Book I - Australia Felix - pg 3 -383   (380pgs)     1st -12th Nov
Book II - The Way Home - pg 387 - 657   (270pgs)     13th - 21st Nov
Book III - Ultima Thule - pg 661 - 941   (280pgs)     22nd- 30th Nov

If you'd like to join me in reading this trilogy let me know in the comments below.

How to join in AusReading Month?

Simply leave your AusReading Month sign up post in the linky below.
Let us know what you plan to read or blog about during November.

You can keep the AusReading Month love alive by following & commenting on Instagram and Twitter.
Add the new AusReading Month badge to your sidebar.
Use the hashtags #AusReadingMonth #richardmahony and #bronasbooks.


  1. Looking forward to this.

  2. Anonymous24/9/15

    Last year, Nancy recommended On the Beach to me, and I'd like to read it. But I also have Alice Pung's Her Father's Daughter waiting for me. So we'll see... Sign-up post to come soon.

    1. I'm still to read On the Beach, although Nancy's fine review last year certainly bumped it up my list. I have read Nevil Shute's A Town Like Alice though with great enjoyment.

  3. Won't be able to join in but look forward to reading posts as I know very little about Australian authors and would love to know more. Good luck.

  4. I'm thinking I might like to participate, but I will get back to you. I'll check out which Aussie book I want to perhaps read. Cheers.

    1. Let me know if you need any help deciding on a book :-)

  5. I shall read My Brilliant Career, how's that?

    1. Perfect - about as Australian as you can get!
      Our Stella Prize and Miles Franklin Literary Awards are both named after the author.

  6. Anonymous25/9/15

    Ready to escape 'down under' during the month of November and join you reading The Fortunes of Richard Mahony!
    This is not an easy book to get here....but it is ordered and on its way to NL!
    Fire up the BBQ ( barbie) open a cold Foster's (in NL I'll have a Heineken)...and lets get crack'in!

    1. Love you Nancy - your dedication is amazing :-)
      Although I have never drunk a Foster's - I prefer Peroni !! We will definitely have a barbie though.

  7. Anonymous26/9/15

    Just put the Peroni on my Saturday shopping list! I'll need it while watchig Rugby World Cup, Wales vs UK tonight!
    'Clash of the Titans' !

    1. 8 yrs ago, Mr Books & I were in Cardiff for the Wales Vs Australia World Cup Game - great atmosphere; great memories.

    2. Anonymous11/10/15

      Wales did their best last night but the mighty Aussie's defense was the best there is!
      Australia could win this World Cup 2015!

    3. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie !!

    4. Anonymous26/10/15

      World Cup Rugby final Australia vs New Zealand ! This is going to be a wonderful match to watch!

    5. I love your dedication and enthusiasm! Mr Books has piked out this year - the time difference means he would have to get up at 3am to watch it live.

  8. I'll certainly try and participate this year Brona. I didn't do a good job of it last year- only one post from memory. I would love to join you with the Fortunes of Richard Mahony as it's been on my horizons for some time, but I have a couple of biggish books and other stuff going on in November (none of which are Australian sadly). I'll have to see what I can sneak in.

    BTW I love seeing the discussion of On The Beach. I read it about 12 years ago, and remember it fondly. The dialogue was a little dated and daggy, but it's a great page turner. I'd like to read more Shute too, as it's the only one I've ever read. I need to read more Ruth Park too (although I guess technically she is a kiwi).

    1. Hope you can fit at least one book in this year Louise - with your love a picture books, you could probably sneak in a few kids books too!

      Well...yes...but she moved to Australia when she was 25 and except for some time on Norfolk Island, lived her adult life in Sydney. Two of her daughters were picture book illustrators (Deborah and Kilmeny Niland).

      I read Callie's Castle as a child and I have Swords and Crowns and Rings on my TBR pile, but somehow I've missed reading the Muddle Headed Wombat!! Maybe next years AusReadingMonth :-)

  9. Thank you for doing this again. I have a few books in mind, mostly classics. I'd love to read more Rosa Praed and Miles Franklin, and as I liked the book by Henry Handel Richardson I read last year, I'll try to join you in The Fortunes of Richard Mahony - I know my library has a copy in the fiction reserve.

    1. I hope you can join us in reading Richard Mahony - the more the merrier!
      I will be attending an Honouring Henry Handel Richardson event next year and I want to go in as prepared as possible :-)

  10. I'm thinking of reading one of these four Aussie books for November : a) Jessica by Bryce Courtenay b) The Secret River by Kate Grenville c) The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough d) Tracks by Robyn Davidson or e) one of your choice. Which one should I do? thanks

    1. I read The Thorn Birds when the miniseries was made (during my teen years). The whole romance thing between a Catholic priest and young girl was never really my thing, but lots of people loved it.

      I'm also a bit hit and miss with Courtenay. I loved the Power of One and Tandia, but none of his Australian ones have appealed to me (but again, I know lots of people who love them, including my mum and dad).

      I loved The Secret River. It was a fascinating story loosely based on Grenville's ancestors. The descriptions of the Hawkesbury River and early white settlement in Sydney where very evocative. It made me want to kayak the length of the river one day!

      I've only see Tracks the movie. The cinematography was extraordinary and it's quite a tale, I just found Davidson herself, a little annoying. I've heard other people make similar comments about the book.

      Personally, I think the Grenville is the way to go if you're undecided as it gives such a thought-provoking picture of early settlement times. I always recommend it at work as a great introduction to (fictionalised) Australian history....and not just because Kate lives in our suburb and shops for books in our shop :-)

      Happy reading

    2. Okay Grenville's The Secret River it is then! Thanks! I'm already intrigued. I will line it up for November.

  11. Anonymous10/10/15

    No promises but I would love to join in if I can find something. I am fascinated by the sound of Henry Handel Richardson’s books. I also have a copy of Cindie by Jean Devanny - is that a book you know much about?

    1. I hope you can join us Ali.

      I have never heard of Devanny before - a quick Google reveals she was friends with Stella Miles Franklin and a communist!


      I hope you get time to read it so we can all learn something new about an Australian classic female writer!

  12. I'll be joining you! I'm very excited that this is happening!
    Incidentally, I bought a copy of Richard Mahony on the weekend, so it seems to be serendipitous timing! I'll also try to read some Miles Franklin. I'm reading The Three Miss Kings by Ada Cambridge at the moment, it's a shame I didn't wait a couple of weeks, but it is really good!

    1. I'm delighted that you're joining us & the more the merrier with Richard Mahony!

      Ali read The Three Miss Kings a year or so ago. I had never heard of it, or the author, before, so now I'm intrigued all over again.

      You can always hold your review for it until the 1st Nov :-)

  13. I've just bought a copy of 'My Brilliant Career' to read. I even scored a news clipping from 1988 with it too. :o)

  14. Much as I would love to...just no spare time! I hope many people get to participate though!! Maybe next time... :)

  15. Anonymous16/11/15

    Hi Brona, I can't seem to add Linkys but here is my review for After Darkness by Christine Piper (Full disclosure... I actually read this in October!)

  16. Anonymous8/12/15

    I saw this flying by in your twitter feed! I hope to join in next time. Next November? Or do you do 2x a year? I'd love to dig into some Aussie writers! The Turning by Tim Winton is one of the best books I've ever read. Def planning to read more by him!

    Sarah @WordHits


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