Sunday 20 September 2015

Stories & Shout Outs #2

Stories & Shout Outs is a time and place to highlight stories, reviews or posts that caught my eye during the week.

This week was a little crazy, busy at our place - Mr Books birthday, my eldest booklets Yr 12 Graduation, a visit from my F-I-L & hayfever symptoms running amok. All of which added up to very little time to check out other blogs this week.

But I did spot that Stoner by John Williams was recently reviewed by The Cue Card (here). Stoner is in my TBR pile so I was pleased to be reminded of its presence.

I also really liked Cleopatra Loves Books idea to highlight the best books that she had read and reviewed from years gone by on her blog.

Her best of 2014 is here.
And 2013 here.

I love seeing what other book bloggers consider to be the best from their year of reading, esp after a few years have gone by.
It's curious to see which books have lasting power - its not always the ones you initially think.

When I have time, I may even work out my "best of"'s too!

Did you spot any great reviews or fascinating posts this week?


  1. Thanks for the shout-out Brona. Very nice. It was my Birthday on the 20th so almost clairvoyant. Happy bday too to Mr. Books. We were away so just now catching up. Cheers.

  2. Happy Birthday - hope you had a lovely weekend!

  3. Thank you so much for my shout out Brona - glad to hear you like my best of... not long and I'll be composing 2015!


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