Tuesday 24 November 2015

Seagull by Danny Snell

Seagulls can be quite annoying at the beach, especially if you have some hot chips or a bag of prawns with you. But they are such an iconic part of our beach-side experience it's hard to not to feel some affection for them.

I also grew up watching the cricket. Some days it was more entertaining to watch the seagulls strutting around the outfield than to watch the game!

Snell manages to capture this sense of affection in his beautiful illustrations in Seagull.

The big, soft blue sky dominates each page. The sand squeaks between your toes and the salty tang of the sea wafts by every time you turn a page.

Seagull has a simple environmental message wrapped up in a story that rewards persistence, patience and those who ask for help.

Danny Snell illustrated one of my favourite picture books from last year - Jeremy by Chris Faille and reminded me of my other favourite seagull story - Max by Marc Martin.

This post is part of #AusReadingMonth.

Gratuitous seagull photo's on pilings at Pyrmont!

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