Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Bad Guys Episode 2 Mission Unpluckable by Aaron Blabey

"Go be a hero"

What a great line.

Sadly for The Bad Guys (Mr Wolf, Snake, Piranha and Shark) their idea to show the world that they are, in fact, good guys hasn't quite gone to plan. News reports of their first event have completely misrepresented what actually happened.

They decide they need to do something more dramatic to show the world that they really are good guys - they decide to release all the caged chickens from the local chicken farm back into the wild. What could possibly go wrong?

The first problem for Mr Shark is the new bad guy turned good guy - I.T. genius Legs, the tarantula. As it turns out Mr Shark is terrified of spiders!

Mr Snake is also struggling to overcome his chicken eating tendencies and Piranha keeps being mistaken for tuna! But what will happen to our loveable bad guys when they finally meet up with a REALLY bad guy?

Full of Blabey's trademark humour, intelligence and quirkiness, Episode 2 is fun from start to finish.

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