Thursday 31 December 2015

The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty

December was such a busy, hectic, tiring month that some easy, comfort reads were much needed to keep me going.

Not reading anything is simply not an option!

Therefore, during the crazy times, I turn to those books I know I can enjoy even when I can barely keep my eyes open!

Liane Moriarty is one of those authors for me. Like an old friend, I know I can return to her trusty, friendly arms for a good story, great characters and a fun time.

The Last Anniversary (2005) is one of her earlier novels.
It may not be as satisfyingly realised as her two latest books The Husband's Secret and Big Little Lies, but nonetheless, it is an enjoyable, friendly, easy-going romp around a fictional island near Sydney.

The mystery is fairly easy to work out, but that's not why you read Moriarty's books. You read them because of her characters. Liane has a happy knack of writing about the people you know. Every character feels authentic, real and very very human.

With every one of Moriarty's books I get to a point where I simply cannot bare to put the book down. I want to stay in this new world with my new friends forever. Yet, at the same time, I dread finishing the book and losing my 'in' to this wonderful new found world of her creation.

All her books have a theme or a women's issue upon which the story hangs. In this case it is depression, in particular, post-natal depression. The mother-daughter dynamic is also explored in all its various guises.

Highly recommended holiday read.

This book is part of my Australian Women Writers challenge and #XmasinSummer


  1. I think about reading her books. I have only read the Husband's Secret and I enjoyed it. I know what you mean about the characters. I will put her name in my library book jar and see if I draw it out one of these days.

  2. I haven't managed to read any of her books yet, but she certainly is on my radar. Good to hear that you hold her in high esteem.

  3. I've been wondering about her book Big Little Lies; do you like that one? I've never read her before, but I keep running into mentions of her books and think I should probably give her a try. Which of her books is your favorite?

    1. Big Little Lies is my favourite of the 3 books I've read so far. She keeps getting better with each book - I'm very excited about the possibility of a new one hopefully this year!

    2. Good to know. Thanks! :)


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