Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wharton Review

January is Wharton Review month where we can come together to celebrate and enjoy the writings of and about Edith Wharton.

Edith Wharton was born on the 24th January 1862 in New York City.

She was the first women to win a Pulitzer prize for Literature in 1921 for Age of Innocence. She was also nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1927, 1928, 1930.

The Pulitzer is awarded for "distinguished fiction by an American author, preferably dealing with American life."

Many of Wharton's books fit this criteria. But she also spent a lot of time in Europe, particularly, in Paris during WWI, which meant that many of her books had a fascinating Continental flavour as well.

Wharton's Goodreads author page can be viewed here if you need help getting started.
There is also a dedicated webpage called The Edith Wharton Society.

Spread the word about The Wharton Review by using #whartonreview on facebook, twitter and instagram.

There is no pressure or expectation with this month long review. Simply read, blog or comment on all things Wharton at your leisure.

I'm planning on reading Summer as well as knocking off some more chapters in the huge chunkster that is her biography by Hermione Lee.

I hope you can join us with a Wharton or two. We'd love to hear from you.
You can approach this anyone you like.
You can write an Introductory post, ask questions, provide background information about Wharton or her books and of course, review her wonderful books.
The main thing is to have fun and to spread our love for Edith Wharton's stories.

I hope that this months linky will become a great resource for anyone looking for recent reviews and thoughts about Wharton and her books.

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  1. I don't have a lot of time this coming month but I do have an Edith Wharton short story on my shelves and I will do a single post on that. I have only read Ethan Fromme and I loved that. Would like to read more of her. Stay tuned.


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