Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A Year in First Lines

Jane @Beyond Eden Rock is hosting her Year of First Lines meme again.

The last month of the year is here, and so it’s time to play a particular game:

“Take the first line of each month’s post over the past year and see what it tells you about your blogging year.”

It’s an idea that started with The Indextrious Reader a few years ago, and I remember that that it really is an interesting way to look back at a year.


I do like an end of year wrap up post and this one is a little different from all the rest.

Given that 2016 was my year of no reading challenges, I was curious to see just how many memes & readalongs I had actually participated in - let alone how many of those memes & readalongs occurred at the beginning of the month!

From the monthly #6degrees to the semi-regular #CCspin and from #ParisinJuly to my very own #AusReadingMonth, it turns out that my 2016 was the year of joining in.

As a writer, I obviously like a short, succinct introductory sentence to get my posts started.

As a reader I know that I read mostly women writers this year, but four of my five book review posts below were for books written by men. I obviously like to finish each month with a good man before starting the new month with a meme!

Read on - what do my first lines reveal to you, my patient reader?



Happy New Year!

May 2016 be a year of great books, wonderful stories and blogging bliss.


So Big was my lucky #CCspin 11 book.


It has been ages since I read a book in manuscript form.
Its kind of fun.


It has been quite some time since I joined in the #6degrees meme.
What am I saying?
It has been ages since I've joined in any meme at all!


Dubliners by James Joyce was my selected book for the latest Classics Club #CCSpin.


Here we go again!

It's time for our next CC Spin book with the Classics Club (click on link for rules and conditions).


Ahhh, it's that time of year again, when we in the Southern hemisphere, tiring of our dreary winter days, begin to dream of warmer, more exotic climes.


The Course of Love is a difficult book to pin down.


I first discovered that Arthur Conan Doyle had written books other than his Sherlock Holmes ones earlier this year when Carol @Journey and Destination reviewed The Tragedy of the Korosko.


How do I get from a book about September 11 to a comfort read?


November is our month long celebration of all things Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!


Six Degrees of Separation is a monthly meme hosted by Kate @Books Are My Favourite and Best.


What do your first lines reveal about you?


  1. Anonymous20/12/16

    Your blog entries do capture the spirit of the months! I love your Paris in July post! You read some great books this year!! Happy reading for 2017!

  2. It's an interesting thing to do, isn't it! Mine managed to bring in all of the challenges I did and the ways I acquire my books! https://librofulltime.wordpress.com/2016/12/21/a-year-in-first-lines/

  3. I bet my first opening lines would reveal that I am not very good at opening lines! Ha. Let's see...

  4. Here is the opening line of my first review of the year:
    "Tonight when I stood to make dinner, having put next to no thought into the meal prior to standing up, I retrieved some frozen chicken from the freezer, where I also found some frozen vegetables. In the pantry I found some instant rice and a can of creamed soup. I was in business."
    Not as bad as I thought it would be.

  5. What a wonderful year in books - 'm so glad you did this too!

  6. I like how you added photos for each month, too. Anyway, here is my first attempt at My Year in First Lines. I had to select the first post of the month that had something different. Since I participate in the same memes every week I didn't want to say the same thing (the introduction to said meme) over and over. Yours is truer to the FIRST than mine but I got a chance to look back on my year and it was a good activity for me. https://headfullofbooks.blogspot.com/2016/12/a-year-of-first-lines.html

  7. Replies
    1. That's okay, I wish blogger hyperlinked, but I've gotten used to copy & pasting links from my comments :-)

      The only problem is I have to wait to do this on my computer as I find it too hard to C&P links from my phone (which is where I read most of my blogs and comments these days).


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