Monday 1 May 2017

The Two Towers - Welcome to Book

It's time to check into the The Two Towers, and yes, I know I have yet to complete my review or wrap up post for The Fellowship of the Ring.

Unfortunately I have come down with some kind of flu bug that has knocked me for a six.

I promise to catch up soon, but for now here is the starting post for the next part of our #HLOTRreadalong2017. Please add your reviews to the link below and I'll pop by for a visit when I'm back on my feet.

I'm rereading the books over a leisurely period of time. I want to savour my illustrated editions and feel no pressure to be finished by a set date. My reading time frames are generous but also designed to keep things ticking along.

The Fellowship of the Ring in March - April
The Two Towers in May - June
The Return of the King in July - August

My plans for the #HLOTRreadalong2017 will be to:

  • Post a master post where people can sign up to join the readlaong or write their own post about their previous experiences with #HLOTR. Or if this is their first time, a post about why they've decided now is the time to read Tolkien. (tick)
  • Write a welcome to book post for the start of each book, providing basic facts, background information and my proposed reading pace.
                       The Hobbit  (tick)
                       The Fellowship of the Ring  (tick)
                       The Two Towers  (tick)
                       The Return of the Ring
  • Have at least one check-in post about halfway through each book - to see how everyone is going, to ask questions, rant, rave or refute.
                       The Fellowship of the Ring  (tick)
  • Post a wrap up/review at the end of each book where we can discuss our thoughts and feelings, ask questions and practice our Elvish! (links will be attached to the book titles above with the month that we read them.)
If you'd like to join in the LOTR section of the readalong, please feel free to write an introductory post heralding your intentions and share in the linky below. Latecomers are always welcome.

Tell us your history with Tolkien and the LOTR.
Why are you reading or rereading it now?
Have you learnt Elvish? Or read any other Tolkien books?

If you are rereading and would like to mention specific events that happen in the book, please remember to add **spoiler** alerts to protect the innocence of any first time readers.

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