Monday, 1 January 2018

First Book of the Year 2018

Happy New Year!

May your 2018 be joyous, healthy and full of grace.

For the past few years Sheila @Book Journey has hosted a First Book of the Year meme. Participants simply send her a book selfie showing the book/s they will be reading on New Year's Day.

I will be reading Les Misérables, not just on the first day of 2018, but for the whole, entire YEAR!
I've decided to join Nick @Catholic Life in his chapter a day readalong of Victor Hugo's classic.
It's not too late to join in.
The 365 chapters are short and sweet.
If you miss a day or two, it will be easy to get back on schedule.
I'm looking forward to such a leisurely read in fine company.

Follow us on Twitter #LesMisReadalong

I plan to tackle my OUT OF CONTROL TBR pile in 2018.
Please help by voting for your suggestions here.
I will collate the stats in a week or so.

The other post I like to spend time with at this time of year is Sheila's My One Word.
I struggled a LOT with my word this year, so I will need some time to reflect on this and what it means for 2018 and beyond.

But now it's time for my first coffee for the new year and my first chapter of Les Mis!


  1. I added some suggestions for your TBR list.
    Trying to get grounded after a hectic night (neighbors party hard until 0330am!)
    Les Mis....hmmm.....
    I will download a sample on my Kindle, read a bit and see if it draws me into this challenge. Update later.
    My first book 2018? Stil thinking... :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Nancy. I was hoping for a quieter, calmer 2018, but so far I've had almost no reading and blogging time at all!
      Back to work again today though, so maybe the routine will return as well....

  2. Great pick. That readalong sounds like a fun idea. :)

  3. Happy New Year, Brona! Enjoy the readalong.

  4. That is a wonderful idea, Brona. I have to think about it but it seems the perfect way to read that book. Going to look at the posts on Nick's blog now.

    1. I hope you can join us Tracy. I read the first 2 chapters yesterday (in preparation for being back at work again today!) Both chapters were only 2-3 pages each. Very do-able.

  5. Happy New Year, Brona! Sounds like a fun readalong. Have a great time reading this classic and enjoy your book discoveries this year!

  6. Of course I think Les Mis is a perfect first book of the year! I'm so pleased that we're doing this read along together.

  7. *waves* it was fun taking part in the photo challenge for the first time, I can't believe she had no duplicates. Not sure if you've seen my TBR photo but that's my first challenge for the year, too! Hapy reading for 2018 and happy Les Mis, if you see what I mean!


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