Monday, 20 August 2012

Books as therapy

Random Quote Time

Angela Mollard from The Sunday Telegraph's Sunday Magazine August 11 2012 gives advice to her young daughter . 

 "Books are great solace when you need a break from your own story."

Joshua Krause "Solace, In Excerpts" (2008)

"Remember when you were little and you loved kaleidoscopes? The tiniest twist, and the pattern would change. Life's like that - but be exhilarated, not cowed. Talk 'til dawn, swim behind waterfalls, kiss. Be brave. Ahead are days of miracle and wonder."

I love how some days you just stumble across the exact thing you need to keep going.


  1. Anonymous21/8/12

    Hi Brona, I just love this post. So often we forget the pleasure of simple things, thank you for reminding me. Thank you for following my blog, you'll see I'm now following yours too :) I look forward to being company with you on your bookish journey :) Terri

    1. I'm glad this quote has helped someone else as well.
      I feel sure Angela Mollard would be delighted to know her thoughts have gone around the world to provide solace to others :-) That is the power of words and books!

  2. What a lovely quote!! Thanks for sharing! This is more or less my mantra and the whole reason for my own blog. Now I have to look up Angela Mollard to see what she is all about!!


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