Saturday 1 February 2014

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

I've read The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns by John Green previously and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. So I was expecting quite a lot from An Abundance of Katherines.

I was, therefore, disappointed when it didn't 'grab' me straight off.

I found Colin annoying more than endearing and the dialogue with his friend, Hassan seemed forced rather than funny. And I can't begin to tell you how much I hated their use of the word 'fug'.

I almost gave up.

But then on pg 119 Lindsay asks the boys, "Hey, why the fuck do you and Hassan say fug all the time?"

And it turns out that they had a very good reason - I just wish the revelation hadn't come past the halfway mark!

This is not as good as Green's other books, but it still has lots of great things to say about relationships, life viewed through teen eyes and growing up.

Perhaps it's having a child prodigy as your lead?

Not many readers can identify with that. And it certainly takes a long time to warm to Colin.

Whereas, Green's other books have likeable protagonists that could be anyone, anywhere.

An Abundance of Katherines contains swearing, sexual references and one sex scene. It also contains maths equations, footnotes & an appendix!

It also counts as a book for my TBR Pile Challenge, Eclectic Reader Challenge, Literary Explorations Reading Challenge & What's In A Name Challenge.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that this one was a bit disappointing for you. I've just read my first John Green, and will certainly be reading more, perhaps I won't make this one next? I love the images you have for your quotes! They look sensational.

    1. It wasn't so much disappointing as unable to live up to high expectations.

      I thank you and google thanks you for the images! I found them all over when I did an image search for John Green quotes. They were repeated on several blogs and pages so I didn't know who to credit for the original work.
      (I will happily acknowledge the creator if they pop by.)

  2. I've only read one John Green and it was so marvelous that I have high hopes for the others. Quite possible that I am also expecting too much.

  3. Anonymous15/2/14

    The maths would cause my eyes to glaze over. Ive only read The Fault in My Stars by John Greene but I do want to read more by him, just maybe not this one! Thanks for sharing your review.

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  4. Anonymous26/2/14

    I felt the same about this, but thankfully I'd been told it was the least impressive of the bunch so I think I probably went in with lower expectations than you. I'd highly recommend Looking for Alaska, that was the first one I read and I'd say it's up there with TFIOS. I wasn't super keen on Will Grayson, Will Grayson which he wrote in collaboration with David Levithan but to be honest I've read all of his published stuff and I'd say it's all worth a read despite some being far better than others :)

    1. I have also heard lots of great reports about Looking For Alaska and thought that would be by next Green :-)

  5. Love that last paragraph, very good :) I'd like to read this though beforehand I've the two books you read to read first. Well done on What's In A Name. I think considering the 'Katherines' you've completed the category countless times ;)


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