Friday 6 June 2014

A Rose For the Anzac Boys by Jackie French

A Rose For the Anzac Boys has been on my mind again lately, thanks to all the talk about WW1 commemorations.

It's a wonderful story about three young girls, Midge, Ethel & Anne, at finishing school in England. They help with the war effort by rolling bandages...until they hear that Midge's twin brother, Tim has been listed as 'missing'.

The three girls decide they have to be more involved somehow and hit upon the idea of setting up a canteen for wounded soldiers in France.

They're quickly surrounded by the realities & chaos of the war. They are confronted by young men not only suffering from horrific wounds but also scarred psychologically.
Midge is eventually recruited into the ambulance service and ends up helping to prep the wounded before surgery.

French provides a lot of detail and background to this story of every day bravery and courage. However, she doesn't shy away from showing us the dark & desperate side of war as well.

Six years later, I can still recall many of the images and feelings from this story as Midge is confronted with the hell on earth that was the front line.

This is a teen/YA novel with strong, sympathetic female protagonists. Highly recommended for lovers of historical fiction.

This post is part of Lisa's Flashback Friday.


  1. I'm so glad you reviewed this book! I've been wanting to read books centered around 1914 this summer, and this one sounds perfect. I can't wait to give it a read. Thanks!

  2. I love Jackie French as I'm sure you know. I haven't read this book. I think it's the next one of hers that I'd really like to read. I do have a few other war books in the queue at the moment though...

    1. This was my first YA French and I was very impressed. I think you'll love it Louise.

      Now that I've read a few more of her books, I can see her formula at work, but it's a good formula...and it works :-)


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