Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Miles Off Course by Sulari Gentill

Miles Off Course is the third book in the Rowland Sinclair series.

This delightful series set in 1930's Sydney has become my go-to read when feeling overwhelmed and tired.

With a move in the offing on top of our regular crazy-busy life-work schedule, a comfort read was definitely required this past week.

Miles Off Course filled the bill beautifully as our four dashing young things took us on a trip around NSW - first to Medlow Bath's Hydro Majestic, then to Yass, on up into the wild high country around Tumut, before returning to Sydney in all it's 1930's glory.

All the main characters are now firmly established and it is a delight to just sit back and watch them do their thing. It was surprising to meet an unexpected half-brother of the Sinclair boys and great fun watching Stella Miles Franklin run around the high country incognito, interacting with our lovely young things.

For devotee's of Rowly and Edna's romantic prospects, this book also offers us a glimmer of hope.

This is not the best of the series so far, but as a stress-free, easy read for tired out little old me, it was perfect.

This post is part of my Australian Women Writers challenge and another book off my 20 Books of Winter.


  1. I like the sound of this - is it fiction?

    1. Yes - gentle crime fiction with lots of 1930's art culture:-)

  2. Ha! I love the 'gentle' crime bit.


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