Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Ruby Red Shoes Goes to London by Kate Knapp

I have come to love this gorgeous little series of early readers.

Ruby Red Shoes Goes to London is full of love and kindness and tenderness.
Quiet humour also infuses the story which keeps it from being sickly sweet. Instead we have a book that delights and charms and thrills the hearts of all its readers - young and old.

In London, Ruby and her grandmother, visit family for Christmas.

We meet, aunts and cousins (and the Queen!) and we sadly learn a little more about why Ruby lives with her Babushka Galushka.

Ruby explores London and spends time playing with her cousins, before the time comes all too quickly to return home.

The Ruby Red Shoes series rejoices in family and home. All the books embrace a zen-like approach to life. Ruby and her grandmother appreciate being in the moment. They remember to feel grateful for all that they have and take time to be at peace.

Knapp's illustrations add to the overall feeling of cosiness and gentleness. Lots of interesting and funny details can be spotted on each page. Her attention to creating a complete package that appeals at every level makes the wait for each book worth while.

Ruby Red Shoes Goes to London

I hope there's more to come.


  1. Hi Bron, This does sound like a lovely series. What age reader, do you think?

    1. They're aimed at the 4-8 age group Elizabeth ... and grandmothers of all ages :-)


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