Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Bad Guys Episode 3 The Furball Strikes Back by Aaron Blabey

To my mind, Aaron Blabey can do no wrong!

His series of early readers featuring four of literature's bad guys trying to make good is consistently funny, smart and unexpected.

In Episode 3 The Furball Strikes Back, we find our four +1 bad guys coming face-to-face with the baddest, most evil of all creatures - Dr Rupert Marmalade, the guinea pig!

Mr Wolf, Shark, Piranha and Snake have now been joined by Legs, the Tarantula. There is growing dissension in the ranks about whether or not being good guys is really working for them.

Mr Wolf's constant cry of "It's time to be heroes!" is rubbing some of them the wrong way.

Falling into the evil clutches of the grandiose and rather mad Dr Marmalade only creates more friction amongst our lovable heroes.

In the background, though, there is another dark and mysterious character jumping about - will this illusive figure be a force for good or evil?

And how will our Bad Guys foil the dastardly plans of Dr Marmalade?

Episode 1 The Bad Guys
Episode 2 Mission Unpluckable
Episode 3 The Furball Strikes Back
Episode 4 Apocalypse Meow

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10/11/16

    Alan Blabey is just what the doctor ordered!
    I needed a good laugh this morning. :)


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